I want a wife.

It’s one of those days where I could really believe in polygamy, and think back on my college history classes, specifically the 1970s essay : I Want a Wife

I could really use one right now.

Someone to wait at home for the air conditioner repairman (or woman); someone to help clean up the minor flood that occurred when the air conditioner went kaput and flooded the attic which then sent water into the ceiling and flooded the bedroom below; someone who can help take care of my little guy who wants to play in the dirty flood water while covered in a bizarre rash that got him sent home from school.

And more than that, someone to make us all dinner, after we cleaned up the minor flood, in a pretty steamy house with a poor, rashy and itchy little guy.

Yes, I want a wife!

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3 Responses to I want a wife.

  1. Joe says:

    Sounds like you want a husband who will figure out how to let you stay at home and be a mom.

  2. Just Saying says:

    “Sounds like you want a husband who will figure out how to let you stay at home and be a mom.”

    How does meeting a repairman, cleaning up a flood, repairing a bathroom ceiling, and washing everything in the bedroom harmed by flooding involve “mothering”?

    Joe, given your definition of “mom” includes scut work, home repair, and endless on-call hours I hope for the sake of women that you are not now and never intend to wed.

  3. “I Want A Wife” is one of my favorite essays! Don’t we all (still) wish we could have a “wife” to fill in the gaps and smooth our lives. And we are so fortunate that being a mom is not limited to those gaps but includes a million other details that all of you have begun relating in this blog . . . thus supporting other moms with facing these daily challenges!

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