This stuff ain’t easy…

Today was ‘dress up wacky-wednesday’ at Amalia’s daycare.
Parent’s were notified last week, and there is a reminder note on the daily sign-in, sign-out sheet.
As soon as I read the note, I began thinking about how I would dress her. My intention was to have an idea and have everything decided and ready ahead of time so I wouldn’t be rushing around last minute. Plus, I wanted to start talking with Amalia about how ‘next Wednesday, you can get dressed up very silly….’

So much for thinking ahead. I’m still catching up at work from the week I took off for vacation. Yeah, I took 4 days off, but came back to the usual amount of work, PLUS all the charts/lab, radiology reports/ phone calls etc. from the week I was gone.

I have a particular cowlick on the top of my head which I twirl and twirl my hair when I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I’ll be twirling my hair when one of my co-workers comes into my office to run something by me. Funny, they never comment on the status of my cowlick, but I know they’ve noticed it…

Anyway, so of course, I get home from work yesterday and have no idea what on earth I’m going to dress Amalia up in for ‘dress-up-wacky Wednesday.’ CRAP! I put her in front of the TV to watch Dora the Explorer (her very favorite show, and YES! I ALLOW MY CHILD TO WATCH TV!) run upstairs and raid her closet. CRAP! I have no idea what to dress her in. I have extra pairs of scrubs in a drawer (oops, probably not supposed to advertise that), so I think about cutting the legs off a pair and shortening the top and making her go to daycare in scrubs. Well, that’s ridiculous. She’s only 2 1/2 and her whole entire body could fit into one pants leg.

I think about just having her wear 2 different socks and 2 different shoes, and putting a pair of Dora the Explorer panties on her head and call it quits…..p.s.: she’s not potty trained yet and refuses to try, but I have the panties ready just in case.) I decide against this plan, fearing that she will then insist on wearing different socks and shoes daily with Dora the Explorer panties are on head. Ultimately, I decide on this goofy red one-piece onesie-type thing with snaps on the bottom like the onesies she used to wear as a little baby. I decide not to snap the bottom snaps, but instead to put on her “Hokey Pokey” pink satin with polka dots skirt with a purple tulle slip for underneath….and, get this, you push the ‘button’ on the skirt and it sings the “Hokey Pokey”….THAT’S IT!
So, yes, she looks wacky and as I’m walking her in to daycare this morning, anybody who doesn’t know that it’s ‘dress up wacky-Wednesday” and sees this kid dressed so ridiculous-like will surely think I’m a weird parent.

But, I PULLED IT OFF! The funnier thing is, as I was signing Amalia in, another mom walked in with her daughter and immediately said, “Oh CRAP! I forgot today was dress-up-wacky-Wednesday.”
In between by robotic surgery on Monday on a particularly lovely woman (almost all of my patients are wonderful; some just more wonderful than others), and my Tuesday- busy office-full of patients, many of whom were post-operative visits and who I hoped so much that they had good surgical outcomes, and my un-checked-off ‘to-do’ list of lectures I needed to prepare, journal articles I need to read, I had managed to remember and execute Amalia’s “dress-up-wacky-Wednesday” event!
Bye for now!

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One Response to This stuff ain’t easy…

  1. That’s hysterical. I’m usually the mom who has forgotten… I’m so thrilled you’re in our blog!

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