Nightmare Showdown

Jack had his first nightmare last night. 


I put him down for bed and sat down to catch up on my latest guilty pleasure (hey, we’re all human). About an hour or so into his sleep, he began wailing. Not the normal “Mommy, I woke up and am bored, please come get me!” cry. This was different.

It was borderline hysterical. And the strangest part… he never opened his eyes!

Almost instantly, it dawned on my husband and me what was happening. But what do we do? I don’t remember reading about this in the baby books!!!

Immediately, the mama bear instinct kicked in. How dare this terrible nightmare frighten my sweet boy! I would fight back. And I would win.

I picked him up and rocked him. I hoped he’d recognize my scent. I hoped he’d know whatever was going on in that precious little head of his was no match for us.

And you know what? It worked! He never seemed to wake up – his eyes remained closed the whole time. After a few minutes of gentle reassurance, he was back to safe dreamland. 

And I was back in front of the tube.

Somehow, I have a feeling this is the first of many future battles with nightmares. Team Donnelly 1, Nightmare 0.

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3 Responses to Nightmare Showdown

  1. Sandi Gregware says:

    How old is Jack?

  2. Michaela Donnelly says:

    11 months!

  3. Alex Medeiros says:

    coitadinho 😦

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