Don’t Cry Over Cow’s Milk

Amy’s post about letting go couldn’t have come at a better time. 

I admit, we have a few years before our little man packs his bags for college. But at Casa Donnelly, we’ve reached a bittersweet milestone of our own: Jack is transitioning to regular milk and I’m heartbroken.

I’ve been nursing him for a year. Piece of cake while I was on maternity leave (well, kind of). But the past ten months have been a true labor of love with three pumping sessions every day at work.

I’ve loved every minute of nursing (ok, maybe not every minute and definitely not the pumping). I’m really sad about giving it up.

Here’s the thing: we both know it’s time for him to move on. His nutritional needs are changing. He’s almost graduating to the toddler room at daycare (all the big boys and girls drink milk from the carton there). And most convincingly, he has 8 teeth and uses them (ouch!).

He’s giving me all the cues, so why is this so hard?

Frankly, I’m afraid of change. Even though this is a little step, it is still another one in his long journey toward independence.

So we’re going to take this slow. The weaning process has begun and we’ll gradually swap out daytime feedings with regular milk.

As for the nighttime feedings…we’re going to hang on to those for a while. I’m not going to set a deadline. We’ll know when it’s right.

And when the time does come to completely close the book on nursing, I’m going to think back on my discussion with Pat McLarney, pediatric nurse practitioner and parent educator at Hartford Hospital. Her advice?

“Allow him to cling and cuddle with you. At this stage, the closeness is a whole lot more important than the type of milk he’s drinking.”

Great reminder. Even though the nursing will inevitably come to an end, the snuggling will stay.

As long as my little independent man will allow it.

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One Response to Don’t Cry Over Cow’s Milk

  1. cradlehold says:

    We need more women like Rebecca. Women who says it’s hard to pump and work but I do it anyway. You are a role model! I hope we can cross paths someday! Dana, RN, IBCLC

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