Stairwell Safety

At the one-year checkup, our pediatrician emphasized that safety is the biggest concern at this stage. Here are some tips on how to keep your new and veteran walkers safe around stairs.

Health Tip: Keep Baby Safe Around Stairs
By Diana Kohnle (HealthDay)

(HealthDay News) — As babies crawl and toddlers toddle around the house, the stairs become a dangerous hazard.

The Nemours Foundation suggests how to prevent accidents involving stairs:

  • Don’t allow a baby or young child to be near the stairs unsupervised, even with a gate installed.
  • Get rid of loose toys, clothes and other clutter on the stairs.
  • Cover wide spaces on banisters and railings with a guard.
  • Install a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs; opt for one that’s mounted with hardware, rather than a pressure-mounted one.
  • Don’t use an accordion-style gate; your child’s head can get stuck in one.
  • Once he or she is old enough, show your little one how to safely get down the stairs backward.
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