Breast Milk: An Internet Affair?

In this digital age, many moms have turned to social media to share pictures of their tots, connect with other moms and look for parenting advice. But one group that is connecting breast milk donors with moms has gotten the attention of the FDA.

It’s called Eats on Feets. And on its Facebook page, moms looking for breast milk link up with women who are willing to donate or sell their own pumped milk.

The FDA’s official position is that it recommends against giving your baby breast milk purchased through online sites.

“That’s because there is no official screening process, so you run the risk of transmitting infectious diseases like HIV,” according to Frances Penny Capuano, a registered nurse and lactation consultant at Hartford Hospital.

Capuano agrees with the FDA and encourages moms who want to buy breast milk to contact the Human Milk Banking Association of America (HMBA), which uses a regulated donor process. The HMBA uses extensive questionnaires and blood tests to screen donors. 

It also provides donated breast milk to NICUs, to help tiny babies thrive.

But Capuano says donated breast milk is not for everybody. “Moms who are having difficulty breastfeeding should remember that they can still bond with their baby, skin to skin,” she said.

And that kind of bonding can’t be found online.

What do you think? We want to hear your thoughts! Share the challenges you face juggling work and parenthood with us!

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