Do we have medicine fever?

Over the weekend, my little man developed and later, fought off, a low-grade fever. We’re still not sure what caused it, but when I saw this study today, I couldn’t help but think: do we moms have medicine fever?

A new study asks: are parents jumping the gun on giving fever-fighting meds to their children?

The new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says that we parents should think twice before bringing out the motrin or tylenol, and only give it if our tots are uncomfortable.

Dr. Janice Sullivan of the University of Louisville School of Medicine and lead study author, offers this advice:

“Sometimes, parents think that if they treat a fever that their child will get better faster, but fever is a sign of illness, and it’s the body’s way of slowing the germs down to help get rid of them. Fever is one of the triggers that your body uses to produce more white cells. If you bring a fever down, your child may not produce as many white cells to fight the infection.”

What do you think? Are parents too quick to dish out the medicine?

We want to hear from you!

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