It’s been a while….how do working mom’s keep up?

How does any woman keep up?

When I was a working ‘childless-by-choice-and-NO WAY!-was-I-ever-going-to-have-kids’ woman I had a tough time keeping-up with life.

Now I have a child. Just one (and 2 collie-dogs and a husband) but just one child. People actually have more than one on purpose?

I’m so overwhelmed. The days come and go like a blur. I feel like I’m missing out….missing out on my old routines (exercising, yoga, tennis, reading, plucking my eyebrows, shaving my underarms….) and of course, missing out on my sweet Amalia’s milestones. I”m not talking about her 1st smile, or the 1st time she walked. I’m talking about watching her laugh, play with other children, observing how she thinks, and listening to her silly stories that really don’t make any sense at all, and are a true flight-of-ideas.

She comes up with these great comments: “mommy, I’m asking you to stop talking and listen to me.” Well, I know she learned that from her teachers at day-care. But when did she grow-up enough to actually SAY it? When did that happen? I think my husband feels the same way (though he may not actually be aware that he feels that way.) The other day he told me that Amalia is ‘getting really bossy.’ Apparently, he was driving her to daycare and they approached a red-light. Amalia yelled out “STOP daddy, STOP.” When the light turned green, she immediately yelled, “GO daddy GO NOW!”. As he told me this, I laughed out loud, because it was actually ME who taught her that ‘red-means-stop and green-means-go’!

While I may have been in a total fog-state that day I taught her, she certainly was not! She remembered it, clear as a bell!

WOW, I thought! That was pretty neat!

And, I told my husband, “she’s not being bossy! SHe’s learning, speaking, making her presence known. Isn’t that phenomenal?” Yeah, right, phenomenal…she then later said to me, “mommy, you lay down there on the floor and read me one more book.”

I said to her: “Amalia, stop being so bossy!”

As I lay down there and read her, well, another 3 more books, I realized: ‘this isn’t so bad.’ This is kind of fun. More fun than filling the dishwasher, dog-earing bathing-suit options from my Land’s End catalog, and definitely more fun than shaving my underarms.

Thanks, Amalia.

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