Two Really IS the New One

Finally some evidence for all the neurotic moms like those in our office!

So my colleagues and I have been pushy parents– trying to remind friends and family that there really is no rush to turn your child’s car seat around to face forward.

It’s a tricky argument because so many parents see it as a rite of passage and are eager to let little Junior face forward.

Not so fast, we tried to argue. In fact, when I was still at Fox and the Courant, I even wrote an article about it.

But today, it’s official and I am not nearly so crazy as I first appeared! Read on:

The American Academy of Pediatrics AND the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued separate but consistent new recommendations today… keep your kids rear facing until they are two years old.

I turned my son’s seat around a few months after that article ran, just before his third birthday. Neurotic mom? Perhaps. But there are so few things in life that we can control, why leave this up to the fates? Why not err on the side of safety?

Remember, we want to hear from you!  When did you turn around your child safety seat?

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2 Responses to Two Really IS the New One

  1. Rachel Rudnick says:

    As soon as I saw the article in The Hartford Courant today, I immediately thought of you, Rebecca! Baby #2 is certainly in good hands!

  2. Vanessa Barzelatto says:

    I had no idea of this change. Thanks for the article. You are the best, Rebecca!!!

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