Important questions to ask your doctor if you are expecting…

Where do you have privileges?
Be sure to ask your doctor where he or she delivers. You want to know if you have a choice when it comes to your hospital or not. Do they have a NICU on site, just in case?

What tests or procedures do you normally recommend in pregnancy?
Every practitioner has a slightly different offering of tests. Your doctor should explain each thoroughly to you.

Will I get to meet everyone in the practice?
Remember, you can’t always predict when baby decides to come. Be sure you’re comfortable with other doctors who might be on call and deliver your baby.

Do you recommend certain childbirth classes?  Are there classes available to support your family, too? Class for grandparents, siblings, even couples to prepare for baby’s birth?
There are lots of choices when it comes to childbirth classes. Be sure to look at all the options and see what’s right for you.

When might you want to talk about the induction of labor?
Induction of labor is used when medically indicated that your baby is safer on the outside than on the inside. Labor induction is labor that is started with medicines which begin the process of childbirth. Often, an induction of labor is done because of pregnancy complications, like an overdue pregnancy (1-2 weeks past the due date). Labor induction may also be needed if there is a concern for your health or the health of your baby. Unless medically necessary, it’s not advisable before 39 weeks.

What are your vaginal birth rates? For first time moms? For moms who have had babies before? For moms who have had previous cesarean births?
Ask questions about the likelihood of you having a vaginal delivery. Ask early and often. Let your doctor or midwife know if this is important to you. Be sure to ask specifically about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates if you have had a previous c-section.

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