A Mother’s Day Moment

I thought I understood what Mother’s Day was all about four years ago when I was pregnant with my son.

At the time, I was four weeks away from that pivotal moment when I would morph from “just” me into the role of mom.

I knew it would be life changing, but I couldn’t have predicted just how life changing it would be.
And I never could have imagined I was capable of such love.

But something else happened on that day I delivered and was wheeled into a room on Bliss 6 at Hartford Hospital.

It was when I looked at that beautiful little baby boy that I fully understood just how much my own mother loved me. It hit me when I stared into that miraculous little face and felt overwhelmed with emotion. That’s when I understood what Mother’s Day was all about.

Until then, Mother’s Day had always been about the last-minute rush for a card or gift. Phone calls between siblings as we panicked at our predictable tardiness.

“What are we getting Mom!?” we inevitably asked each other.

We chose pedicures, gift certificates and flowers.

All these years later, I finally realize that saying thank you meant more than any of those things put together. Thank you for all the sleepless nights you stayed by our side as we were fighting fevers, strep throat or chicken pox. Thank you for helping each one of us memorize all the state capitols. Thank you for being there, for carting us to swim lessons, to T-ball practice, to play rehearsals, flute lessons, Hebrew school and everything in between. Thank you for being Mom.

Moms make it all happen and they do it without ever letting you know how tough it is.

It’s Mom who promises me that I will love this second little stranger growing inside me just as much as I love my son.
And in a few weeks, when I meet him for the first time… I can’t wait to prove her right.

Hartford Hospital salutes all moms this Mother’s Day.

Do you remember your first Mother’s Day? We want to hear all about it! Share your story with us and be sure to nominate your mom for the Mommyhood SuperMom contest with the River 105.9!

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