Mother Love

My first Mother’s Day took place when my baby boy was just four weeks old. I realized that day, that becoming a mother changes everything about being a daughter.

Once I experienced a mother’s love for my own child, it created a new and incredible bond with my own Mom. We had always been close. Growing up, I could tell her anything. She was there for me no matter what. But once I became a mom, I loved her on a whole new level. Up to that point, I didn’t know I could love her more.

This will be my second Mother’s Day without my Mom. She was taken way too early and I miss her.

I am lucky to have three sons who all are very affectionate and I get hugs from each of them every single day. (I had to go without for awhile when my oldest was away at college this year, but he’s back now and I’m catching up!)

When I put my arms around my sons, I feel my mother’s arms around me. Being a mother and being a daughter are tightly intertwined. Just like a good hug.

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