OMG! I have become one of those “moms”

OMG! I have become one of those “moms”

Years ago, when I was still in my “ugh, kids, HORRIBLE!, don’t-want-’em” phase, I used to groan and grimace when I saw mom’s at the grocery store pushing their noisy, demanding, whiny kids in the shopping carts with the built in little car with a steering wheel and a horn attached to the front of the cart.
I used to think, “Holy cow! I can’t believe we have to have these for kids. Why can’t they just sit quietly (and be seen but not heard) in the shopping cart? Better yet, why can’t the mom just leave the kid at home with its dad so she can shop in peace?”
Well, GUESS WHAT?????????
I’M ONE OF THOSE MOM’s NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!
I had to go grocery shopping with my daughter because I forced my husband to vacuum and clean our stenchy mini-van (that had an inch of sand in it from summer vacation on cape-cod, as well as dog-vomit from our consistently car-sick collie, Loki.)
So, I had to take Amalia with me.
Ugh, this was going to be a royal pain in the rear-end.
As we started walking into the store, she noticed the shopping carts with the little red car attached to the front. She said, “Mommy, let’s use that one!”
I looked around myself to see if I knew anybody.
Could I disguise myself?
Oh, no! I was about to be mortified.
“Okay, honey” I said.
She got right in, started turning the steering wheel and beeping the horn and yelling “WHEEEE! Mommy, go faster!”
Does anybody realize that those carts are brutal to steer? They’re so big and don’t exactly turn-on-a-dime. No power steering. I couldn’t even rush through the aisles, as I usually do, without fear of running over someone.
“Faster, mommy, Faster! TOOT TOOT! BEEP BEEP!”
Okay, she was happy and satisfied.
It was the fastest grocery store escapade I’ve ever had.
Of course, when I got home and unpacked the groceries, I had forgotten the milk, eggs and yogurt as well as her favorite sandwich bread made by Pepperidge Farm that’s in the shape of a goldfish!
My husband wasn’t even close to being finished cleaning the stinky mini-van.
So, Amalia and I got back into the car, headed back to the grocery store for shopping escapade #2.
From now on, I swear I’ll use Pea-Pod home delivery!

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Director, Division of Urogynecology at Hartford Hospital
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